BIREME Bulletin n° 19

Technical cooperation between PAHO Brazil and BIREME promotes training in scientific communication for ETSUS-TO professionals

The Pan-American Health Organization/World Health Organization in Brazil (PAHO/WHO Brazil) and the Latin American and Caribbean Center on Health Sciences Information (BIREME), along with the Superintendency of Professional Management and Health Education of the Secretaria Estadual da Saúde de Tocantins (SES-TO), promote training activity on Scientific Communication for the employees of the Escola Tocantinense do SUS Dr. Gismar Gomes (ETSUS). The action takes place in two workshops, the first on April 18-20 and the second on May 15-19; the course’s target audience are professionals and technicians of the Secretariat. In the interval between the two courses, the first qualified group will produce a written document that will be reviewed and commented during the second course.

The course aims to introduce concepts of scientific communication in health sciences, to raise awareness on the need to report results of clinical research and observation, to address the principles and rules that govern good writing of scientific reports, and to introduce topics related to current trends in scientific communication, thus developing the technical capacity of health professionals to give visibility to data and reports produced by SES-TO.

curso_etsusDr. Lilian Calò, Coordinator of Health Science Communication of the Latin American and Caribbean Center of Health Science Information (BIREME), explains that this activity is a result of a cooperation term between SES-TO and PAHO/WHO Brazil, and has as its main objective to improve the capacity of health professionals to publish scientific articles related to their work. “Work developed only has relevance for the scientific community if it is published; otherwise, it is as if it had not been done. Thus, we want to enable professionals in concepts of scientific communication, so that in the final stage of the research project they can write and submit their papers to scientific meetings or journals”, she said.

According to Marluce Vasconcelos, Manager of Educational Technologies, the course mainly serves state employees who work in the production of technical reports and data generation. She remarked that “the state of Tocantins produces a large amount of data and technical reports, so we must give more visibility to this work. We want to produce scientific articles to be published in national and international journals, and mastering scientific writing techniques will help professionals transform data and reports into articles that can be published”.

A note on the training activity was published on the website of SES-TO (in Portuguese).


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