PTB 22-23 BIREME: main results with 2023 in focus

In the context of the 2022-2023 biennial work plan, find out about the main achievements of BIREME in 2023. The progress made in the implementation of its technical cooperation programme demonstrates the Centre’s commitment to supporting the countries of the Region in the use of technical and scientific information for health decision-making.

Information and Knowledge Management: BIREME supports strengthening of local capacities of the VHL São Paulo

Results for the last half of 2023 refer to the third phase of the technical cooperation established since 2010 between BIREME and the Municipal Health Department of São Paulo, through the VHL SMS São Paulo. Check out the results and activities developed in the period, with the renewal of the online portal, reestablishment of the Collaboration Network, and publication of new information resources.

2023 in Retrospective: BIREME accelerates the digital transformation of health information

2023 was marked by important events for public health and PAHO, with the start of Dr Jarbas Barbosa’s term as director of the Organization in January and the announcement of the end of the COVID-19 global emergency in May. At BIREME, the first year of director João Paulo Souza’s tenure included the approval of the new Strategy 2023-2025, which guides the use of scientific information for health action while accelerating the digital transformation of the sector toward PAHO’s mission of Health for All. Read more about the highlights of the year in the article.