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BIREME Bulletin n° 79

New Innovation Lab will accelerate BIREME’s digital transformation


With transversal and integrated action with the other BIREME teams, the Innovation Lab is constituted to facilitate the Center’s positioning at the forefront of digital transformation in the area of health information; LILACS is already accelerating.

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BIREME has a new office in PAHO Brazil for strategic actions 


Unit in Brasilia aims to promote and strengthen the partnerships and special projects of the Center, improving the engagement, presence and visibility of technical cooperation in the Region.

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EIH/OPS Director’s visit to BIREME prioritizes strategies for digital transformation in health


In recent visit to Brazil, Dr. Sebastián Garcia Saisó, director of EIH/OPS, met with the BIREME team, representatives of the Ministry of Health and the University of São Paulo, to discuss innovation projects that promote access to technologies and the reduction of health inequities.

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Best Practices in Editorial Processes for LILACS: edition 2023 has started


The sessions on Best Practices in the Editorial Processes of Scientific Journals for LILACS, in its 5th consecutive year, promote knowledge of key themes of the editorial process to improve the quality, positioning and visibility of journals in health sciences in Latin America and the Caribbean indexed in LILACS. The first webinar of the series, held on April 19, addressed the theme ‘How scientific journals contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals’. 

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World Health Day 2023 has the theme “Health for All”


World Health Day, celebrated each year on April 7, marks the founding anniversary of the World Health Organization (WHO) in 1948 and each year focuses on a specific public health concern. In addition to focusing on ways to achieve Health for All, which is this year’s theme, WHO celebrated its 75th anniversary under the theme “75 years improving Public Health”. Join the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) and the WHO on this journey to achieve Health for All. 

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“Get up-to-date #EachVaccineCounts” is the theme of the 2023 Vaccination Week in the Americas


Under the call to action “Get Up-to-Date #EachVaccineCounts,” the 2023 Vaccination Week in the Americas promoted revitalization of national immunization programs and regional goals for disease control and elimination, fostering confidence in vaccines at all ages, and reinforcements to maintain polio elimination in the Region.

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