MyVHL: A customized information product


BIREME launches a new customized information product for Virtual Health Library (VHL) users. This new functionality is called MyVHL and stores information and preferences of users to provide customized services, such collections of selected documents, defining themes of interest to receive alerts of new documents, history of previous searches, list of favorite links, and users’ own publications.

BIREME and its strategic role in Health in the Americas+


Health in the Americas has been the most relevant publication of PAHO/WHO, uninterruptedly produced and issued since 1956. The 2017 edition brings a future vision that will allow defining actions to strengthen the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). One of these actions is entitled “Public Health in the Information Society” and relies on the tradition, knowledge, experience and leadership of BIREME/PAHO/WHO, strengthened by the support of a network of health sciences information institutions and experts, that support PAHO/WHO member countries to achieve the SDG.

PAHO/WHO Director of Administration visits BIREME at its 50th Anniversary


Gerald Anderson, the PAHO/WHO Director of Administration, was at BIREME/PAHO/WHO at the beginning of August 2017, within the context of celebrations of its 50th Anniversary, which contributed towards strengthening the operations and the administrative and institutional management of the Center. It was concluded that the new institutional mark and the new facilities characterize and identify the specificity of its governance and operation, sustainable for five decades, especially due to the cooperative work with 37 countries and 2,000 organizations inside and out of the Region.

FUNASA encourages scientific publishing in sanitation

Scientific writing is complex and obeys to strict rules, and it is not an easy task to write a scientific document. Researchers, however, are substantially compensated for their efforts, since the publications and resulting impact have become proxy of quality, credibility, and career progression. With the objective of stimulating the dissemination of projects of Fundação Nacional de Saúde (FUNASA) and their results in the form of scientific and technical articles, a course was given on theoretical and practical training in scientific communication topics for the foundation’s team.

LILACS – networking to enhance its quality and visibility

The selection processes of LILACS journals are periodically discussed and evaluated by the team of coordinators from the countries that integrate the Latin-American and Caribbean (LA&C) network. This process contributes to amplify the visibility of the literature published in the Region, consolidating and simultaneously standardizing the selection criteria of the evaluation processes of journals, by means of a regular calendar of virtual meetings with the coordinators of national and thematic networks

Scientific and technical information stands out in public health events in Brazil

The joint work developed by PAHO/WHO Brazil and BIREME/PAHO/WHO in the major public health events in the country is an opportunity to fulfill the mission of democratizing health information, and reporting the Center´s activities of delivering scientific and technical information in health to end-users. Two recent events for professionals of the Brazilian National Health System (SUS) and Municipal Health Secretaries highlighted the work of BIREME in the cities.