BIREME Bulletin nº 88

Culture and organizational climate in focus

BIREME was filled with colors, music, and tradition to celebrate its long-awaited “Festa Junina,” also affectionately called arraiá or arraial. It was on the 26th, in the last week of June 2024. This festivity, a cultural milestone in Brazil, is a special opportunity to strengthen the bonds among the whole personnel, to celebrate the rich traditions of Brazil, and share their importance with the colleagues in Latin America and the Caribbean countries.

The June festivities have their roots in celebrations in honor of São João Batista, one of the most revered saints in Brazil, as well as Santo Antônio and São Pedro. Over time, these celebrations have expanded and become deeply integrated into Brazilian popular culture. Today, they are celebrated throughout the country, encompassing various cultural and social manifestations.

During the arraiá, the personnel participated in various traditional activities, such as square dancing and typical games, in addition to tasting dishes that connect with Brazilian roots. Lots of music and decorations filled our moments with joy and informality. Everything coordinated and prepared by the team.

For BIREME, holding the Festa Junina is a way of valuing local culture and bonds, and strengthening team spirit. Everyone’s participation and the commitment of the organization team made the activity fun, important and welcoming.

Environment and Development

This activity cooperates with the institutional strengthening of BIREME, which seeks to provide the development of its personnel at individual and team levels in an organizational climate that prioritizes everyone’s well-being and creativity.

The staff’s commitment to BIREME’s mission as a PAHO/WHO Specialized Center is an objective achieved as we provide and value institutional activities and personal and professional growth such as this one, which included the engagement of PAHO colleagues at Headquarters, in an article published on institutional communication channels (Social Networks, Intranet and Viva Engage).

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