Bulletin BIREME n° 7

BIREME Hotsite to celebrate its 50 years of history

The Latin American and the Caribbean Center on Health Sciences Information (BIREME) completes 50 years of history and effective course focused on its mission of democratization of access, use and publication of health information in the Region. To express this successful history of the Pan American Health Organization / World Health Organization (PAHO/WHO) Center – specialized in management of information and knowledge in health, the Hot50anos-ptsite BIREME 50 years was established as a space to celebrate and record important and memorable moments of this history. The Hotsite is open to manifestations of several players involved, employees and enthusiastic supporters. In fact, it is time of much joy, but also of reflection about the present and future.

By telling its history, BIREME reaffirms its purpose of expanding visibility and improving quality of scientific production in health in Latin America and the Caribbean. Moreover, it effectively contributes to reduce the gap between available knowledge and practice of healthcare management. The rationale of its strategy is strengthening the collaboration network and expanding cooperation, in the development of services, methodologies and applications based on the Open Access model and Open Source. In addition, it broadens initiatives and products to translate knowledge and promote the equitable use of information and scientific evidence in decision making related to health. All these lines of action are mingled with international strategies, such as the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and Universal Health Coverage.


Hotsite BIREME 50 years – Participate!

The Hotsite is a lively and dynamic space, open to participation of all those who have been involved with the history and course of BIREME since its establishment, in 1967. See what the Hotsite provides and how you can take part in it:

Testimonials – write your message, or record a short video, congratulating BIREME and share directly at the Hotsite.

Events, meetings – include the celebration of BIREME 50th anniversary in events and/or meetings related to health information at your organization, country or network, and share at the Hotsite.

Brand, logo – promotional materials and the 50-year-logo to download and include at websites and other materials produced by the network.

Stories, cases and facts – case reports and interesting experiences that took place in events, projects and actions carried out by BIREME, which can be shared at the VHL news channel.

Timeline – important and memorable moments of BIREME, including a historic photograph gallery as from the establishment of BIREME.

This celebration is for all and your participation is very important, so that BIREME will continue its effective course towards people´s health, through its mission of democratizing access and use of scientific information and evidence.

#BIREME50 – Like, contribute and participate!

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