BIREME Bulletin n° 18

FELSOCEM members receive technical training in BIREME

Promoting the publication of scientific research results through the development of methodologies to train authors, editors and other actors in scientific communication in Latin America and the Caribbean is one of BIREME’s tasks, as established in its 2018-2019 Biennial Work Plan, under the Information and Knowledge Management initiative.

It was to this purpose that medical students and young graduates associated to the Federación Latinoamericana de Sociedades Científicas de Estudiantes de Medicina (FELSOCEM – Latin-American Federation of Scientific Societies of Medical Students) visited BIREME from February 28th to March 2nd. FELSOCEM is a non-for profit scientific organization dedicated to fostering the development of scientific research in undergraduate courses of Latin American Medical Schools by improving the quality and the scientific level of the research developed, among other activities.

curso_ccs2Fifteen young professionals and medical students from six countries (Paraguay, Ecuador, Colombia, Honduras, Peru and Mexico) were trained in scientific communication and access to scientific and technical information in health sciences. The contents were given by BIREME professionals, Dr. Lilian Calò (Coordinator of Scientific Communication), Ms. Rosemeire Rocha Pinto (Supervisor of User Services and Information Services) and Ms. Verônica Abdala (Manager of Information Sources and Services).

According to Dr. Diego González, Director of BIREME, “working with a Federation such as FELSOCEM allows us to reach thousands of medical students from Latin America and the Caribbean, who we will help to publish more and better, and, once trained, to use information and evidence in the decision-making process. On the other hand, they can support BIREME to improve their products and services so that they have a friendly language for end users. Working with youth is a priority for PAHO and BIREME.”

curso_ccs1Besides participating as students in the courses, the young doctors and medical students involved are committed to multiplying what they have learned in their countries, cities and home institutions. For this, all the material used in class – in Spanish – was shared with the participants, who, in addition rely on the instructor’s availability to respond to potential questions and to advise them through e-mail messages or online connection.

felsocem3The students expressed their impression of the course collectively: “As representatives of FELSOCEM, we are grateful to the Direction and technical team of BIREME PAHO/WHO for having shared knowledge on Scientific Communications and Access to and Use of Scientific Information in Health”.

Below are a few testimonials from participants:

“Today, access to a course on ‘Scientific Communication’ and ‘Access to and Use of Scientific Information’ in Health is a fundamental tool to bring about knowledge without borders; the possibility of being trained by professionals from BIREME/PAHO in São Paulo, Brazil, offers the opportunity for young leaders to grow personally and professionally while living a unique experience where medical education, health care and essentially research are valued as a fundamental pillar of scientific growth in Latin America; we must realize that it is crucial to take the content learned to all corners of Latin America, so that it can be shared with more people and can lead to regional growth, thus giving new perspectives for the future.” Nicolás Ayala, Paraguay.

“The quality of the course, the hospitality and the welcome we received are examples of the great interest and effort made by the Organization to provide the necessary tools for new generations of researchers to develop high quality scientific research for the benefit of the countries of the Region.” Fiorella Inga Berrospi, Peru.

“Being trained by BIREME was a very pleasant life experience and academic experience. The knowledge that was passed on to us will strengthen me daily as a researcher and promoter of evidence-based medicine in Latin America. I am grateful for the reception and dedication received on behalf of our teachers from BIREME during the three days of training that they gladly shared with us.” William J Araujo Banchón, Peru.

“The attention and quality received from the BIREME staff helped to make this experience unique. BIREME showed great interest and support for undergraduate research. The knowledge acquired during these days helps us to strengthen and promote high quality scientific research.” Dr. Javier Ezquerra Gómez, Mexico.

“With the daily advances of science, medical research and scientific communication have become an unavoidable set in the construction of an integrated health profession. Evidence-based medicine is the founding block for medical practice, as a means to obtain the bases for deepening the scientific method. For this reason, having the possibility to acquire knowledge in this area based on workshops and courses such as the one in which we were able participate thanks to the support of BIREME is an achievement that, as professionals and future researchers, motivates us to continue working in order advance further in the field of scientific research.” Juan Sebastián Hurtado, Colombia.

“Having renowned teachers gave this course a quality level that largely exceeded our expectations.  A lot was learned and we were able to share experiences from each country in the fields of research and scientific publication. It was a unique experience and it is important that we as representatives who were able to attend the course replicate it in our home countries. This way, the knowledge will not stay only with us, and we will be multipliers of knowledge from our own study centers.” César Urizar, Paraguay.

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