BIREME Bulletin n° 63

Meeting of the VHL SMS São Paulo with the Municipal Health Care Network

Within the framework of the new technical cooperation agreement between the Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization (PAHO/WHO) to be executed by its Latin American and Caribbean Center on Health Sciences Information (BIREME/PAHO/WHO) and the Municipal Health Secretariat of São Paulo (SMS/SP), on December 9th, the Meeting of the Secretariat’s Virtual Health Library – VHL SMS São Paulo – was held with the Municipal Health Care Network, whose objective was to present the VHL SMS-SP and share the Cooperation Agreement with the network to strengthen the VHL SMS São Paulo.

During the event, the BIREME team presented the new Technical Cooperation Agreement that marks phase III of the partnership with SMS, detailing the activities that will be carried out over the four years of the project, which aims to update and maintain the VHL SMS São Paulo for the consolidation and strengthening of local capacities for knowledge management and information management. It considers the new needs presented by the SMS/SP Municipal School of Health team, especially: 1) Realignment and new interface of the VHL SMS-SP Portal; 2) Update of the contents of the VHL SMS São Paulo collection; and 3) Reactivation of the collaboration network with broad participation in the SMS/SP network.

On the part of SMS-SP, a presentation was made that addressed the importance of networking for the sustainability of the VHL SMS São Paulo, with a historical review of the actions that have been developed since the beginning of the VHL, up to the present day, in addition to raising awareness of the network to be part of the VHL SMS São Paulo.

The VHL SMS São Paulo was conceived due to the need to implement new electronic tools that would enable the promotion, expansion, and strengthening of the Secretariat’s scientific and technical production, as a contribution to the development of collective health (public health) and the Unified Health System (SUS) itself.

The first results of phase III of the agreement include the following activities:

  • Mapping of information needs and identification of the VHL user profile;
  • Hosting service, technical and methodological support for the management and regular operation of the VHL SMS São Paulo Portal;
  • Management of the Experience Reports information source;
  • Construction of a Window of Knowledge; and
  • Promotion of the VHL SMS São Paulo for the SMS network.

To strengthen the SMS network, training activities are planned to regularly update and complete the VHL information sources with the establishment of a decentralized and cooperative flow to carry out selection, registration, and description of the content produced by scientific, technical, and educational activities by the Secretariat and training activities for end users on access to and use of information available on the VHL.

About the Event

The event was held online and broadcast on the Professional YouTube channel of the Municipal Health School, a space that provides a collection of educational materials in the health area, including programs, open classes, interviews, lectures, news, etc., dedicated to SMS/SP workers.

The meeting was attended by Edson Tomaz, Executive Secretary for Administrative Management, Patrícia Pallota, COGEP Coordinator, Marcelo Scrocco, Director of EMS, and Sebastián Garcia Saiso, Director of EIH and Interim Director of BIREME/PAHO/WHO, among others.

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