CRICS10 will be held in São Paulo, Brazil, on December 4-6, 2018

The 10th edition of the Regional Congress on Health Sciences Information (CRICS10) and the 7th edition of the Virtual Health Library Coordination Meeting (VHL7) will be held in São Paulo on December 4-6, 2018. The main topic of the Conference is “Advancing towards the 2030 Agenda: contributions of evidence and knowledge”, structured in six thematic axes. CRICS is one of the most important and consolidated forums on health scientific and technical information in the Region.

Strengthening information and knowledge management in Paraguay – one of the key PAHO/WHO countries

BIREME has been developing several actions to strengthen information and knowledge management in the Region’s key countries and, thus, contributing to reduce the existing gap between knowledge and practice, and inequities in the access, use and production of scientific and technical knowledge in health. To this end, workers from PAHO/WHO Office in Paraguay – one of the key countries – visited BIREME to prepare a work plan aiming to develop capacities in information and knowledge management in that country.

LILACS joins the Open Access Movement

Published in 2002, the Budapest Open Access Initiative Declaration is an effort to promote open access and free availability of scientific journals on the web, with no financial, legal or technical barriers, provided that the author is duly recognized and cited. BIREME, in line with its mission to democratize access to information, knowledge, and evidence in health, has been working with its collaboration Network and editors of scientific journals indexed in LILACS to join the Open Access Movement.

The Public Health School of University of São Paulo celebrates its centennial

The Public Health School of São Paulo was established in 1918, when the Hygiene Laboratory was created through an agreement signed between the State Government of São Paulo and the Rockefeller Foundation. As of 1969, under the name of Public Health School of University of São Paulo, it started to play a relevant role in disease prevention and epidemic control in the country. To celebrate the centennial of this renowned institution, an International Scientific Seminar was held on February 20-23, in which BIREME has also participated.

Cooperative work with Infomed to update Cuba VHL

The Centro Nacional de Información de Ciencias Médicas (Infomed) and BIREME join efforts to update and relaunch the National Virtual Health Library (VHL) of Cuba. The new VHL Cuba introduces a new approach directed to its target audience – users specialized in Health Sciences. Its new structure brings a method to organize contents according to Infomed priority, intentionality, and function, and customizes and releases contents to different user groups.

BIREME participate at the PAHO/WHO Brazil Expanded Programmatic Coordination Group

The PAHO/WHO Programmatic Coordination Group includes representatives of the programmatic and technical areas of PAHO Brazil. Its primary objective is to promote the exchange of administrative, technical, and strategic information, fostering integration between the areas and joint programs for the development of technical cooperation actions. BIREME, as a Specialized PAHO/WHO Center, works with its network of cooperating institutions in close coordination with PAHO/WHO Representations in each country, and was present in the GPA meeting held in PAHOBrazil in Brasília, in January 2018.