CRICS10 is officially launched

The 10th edition of the Regional Congress on Health Sciences Information (CRICS10) was officially launched on April 19 during a virtual session presented by PAHO/WHO Assistant Director, Dr. Francisco Becerra and BIREME Director Dr. Diego González. Under the theme “Advancing towards the 2030 Agenda: contributions of evidence and knowledge”, the congress intends to emphasize global priorities – the 2030 Agenda and its Sustainable Development Goals – through information, evidence and knowledge.

Haiti: working with BIREME to strengthen health information management

One of PAHO/WHO key countries, Haiti is undergoing evident development process. In particular, the education and health systems have a very important role for the progress and welfare of the Haitian population. To support the country in information management, the Director of BIREME, Dr. Diego González, made an official visit to the country in March. Based on meetings with leaders of the health sector and higher education institutions, through the PAHO/WHO Office in Haiti, opportunities for technical cooperation and joint actions with BIREME have emerged.

The VHL Brazil Network participates at the XX National Seminar of University Libraries

The Brazilian Network of Information in Health Sciences was present at the XX National Seminar of University Libraries (SNBU), which took place in Salvador, Bahia (Brazil), on April 15-20. At the stand of BIREME and the Ministry of Health, an extensive program was made available, which included presentations focused on the interests of the Brazilian network and other participants, products and services of the Virtual Health Library (VHL), mini courses and individualized service for users. At the occasion, the launching of the 10th edition of the Regional Congress on Health Science Information and the 7th Regional Meeting of the Virtual Health Library was announced; the events will take place in December 2018 in SĂŁo Paulo, Brazil.

Technical cooperation between PAHO Brazil and BIREME promotes training in scientific communication for ETSUS-TO professionals

Technical cooperation between PAHO Brazil and BIREME, together with the Superintendency of Professional Management and Health Education of the Secretaria de Estado da SaĂşde do Tocantins (SES-TO) promotes a Scientific Communication training activity for the employees of the Escola Tocantinense do SUS. In introducing concepts of scientific communication in health sciences, the course aims to educate health professionals on the need to report results of clinical research and observation, as well as to give visibility to data and reports produced by SES-TO.

BIREME, the Brazilian Ministry of Health and PAHO/WHO Brazil evaluate joint results

The main results of TC93 between BIREME, the Brazilian Ministry of Health and PAHO/WHO Brazil contribute to the priorities of the country’s government, especially in the application of newly generated knowledge to health practices and in the prioritization of health topics in scientific research. They also contribute to the PAHO/WHO Strategic Plan and its Strategies and Plans of Action on e-Health, Knowledge Management and Communications and Universal Access to Health and Universal Health Coverage.

Health equity, information dissemination and PAHO/WHO technical cooperation

Health equity is one of PAHO/WHO cross-cutting issues, besides being a value which is explicit in the Organization’s mission. Furthermore, equity is a pillar for institutional planning and a cross-cutting priority theme of PAHO’s technical cooperation with the countries of the Region. Aware of its relevance, BIREME is conducting a review of the Health Science Descriptors (DeCS) associated to health equity and its related terms.