Innovation and international expertise feature CRICS10

The scientific program of CRICS10 includes 25 experts from Ecuador, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Argentina, Colombia, United States, Canada, Switzerland, Spain and Portugal, who will contribute with innovation and reflections from different global contexts in open science and contributions for the achievement of the Agenda 2030 Objectives. It is in fact a unique opportunity for debate and exchange on research and innovation in health sciences information.

Brazil’s Ministry of Health and BIREME approve joint results

Results presented within the framework of Cooperation Term TC-93, formalized through PAHO/WHO Brazil for the institutional strengthening of BIREME, were approved by the Brazilian Ministry of Health, indicating that established goals have been reached. Conditions for the implementation of activities cited in the TC-95 “Improvement of the Brazil’s Ministry of Health Executive Secretariat Management” were also agreed upon.

Promoting access to information and evidence in priority countries: Guatemala and Honduras

Considering that promoting access to information, evidence and knowledge in PAHO/WHO priority countries is one of BIREME’s objectives, Director Dr. Diego González participated in October in meetings at PAHO country offices in Guatemala and Honduras, as well as with health and academic counterparts related to topics such as primary health care, scientific and technical information, and training of human resources, among others.

Strengthening scientific and technical information in Nicaragua

Within the framework of technical cooperation with key countries, BIREME participated in the III International Congress on Natural, Traditional Ancestral Medicine and Complementary Therapies in Managua, Nicaragua. The mission was an opportunity to reactivate the National BVS Nicaragua, whose coordination will be transferred from the Ministry of Health to the Universidad Nacional AutĂ´noma de Nicaragua en Managua (National Autonomous University of Nicaragua in Managua).

BIREME as part of PAHO/WHO team in Workday Rising 2018

BIREME was part of the group of PAHO officials who participated at Workday Rising 2018, the annual Workday user conference, the system used by the Pan American Sanitary Bureau Management Information System (PMIS). The event took place in Las Vegas, United States, on October 1-4, 2018. The team identified 12 key initiatives to improve and streamline the management of PMIS in various administrative processes that will be considered for implementation by the end of 2019.

BIREME attends the VI Jornadas del Personal del Sistema Nacional Integrado de Salud de Uruguay

With the objective of presenting the results obtained with the project “Knowledge Management in Human Resources in Health”, BIREME participated in the VI Jornadas del Personal del Sistema Nacional Integrado de Salud de Uruguay (VI Staff Days of the National Integrated Health System of Uruguay). The main results presented include the repository for scientific and technical production identified by the Network of Observatories in Human Resources in Health of Latin America and the Caribbean (LA&C), the search interface with scientific and technical literature on Human Resources in Health in the VHL and the web site, integrated to the Regional Observatory on Human Resources in Health, which promotes access to all of these products.