The VHL and BiblioSUS Network Webinar Series begins

With the theme “The importance of working within networks in the health area”, on June 4th took place the first of a series of six webinars for the Networks that make up the Brazil VHL Network. The initiative is part of the cooperation established between BIREME and the Ministry of Health, through CGDI/SAA/SE/MS, and aims to strengthen the Brazil VHL Network and, particularly, the BiblioSUS Network.

Six months after launch, the scholarly communication course keeps attracting participants

The Self-Learning Course on Scholarly Communication in Health Sciences hosted at the PAHO/WHO Virtual Campus for Public Health was launched in November 2019 with the aim of promoting the publication of research results in Latin American and Caribbean countries. The course attracted great interest; since its launch, more than 9,000 people have signed up and more than 4,000 completed the training, mainly young nursing professionals and physicians.

Methodological and technological advances in the evaluation and selection process of LILACS journals

LILACS is a database coordinated by BIREME that aims at increasing the visibility and democratize access to scientific output of Latin America and Caribbean countries and to fill the information and knowledge gap necessary to respond to local health demands. The process of evaluating journals for indexing follows international principles and standards, being periodically updated methodologically and technologically to meet the evolution of scientific communication worldwide. Find out the latest innovations incorporated into the LILACS database.

Results achieved in technical cooperation between CONASS and BIREME

The technical cooperation project established between BIREME and the National Council of Health Secretaries for the development of actions related to information and knowledge management in the public health area, was implemented in a period of 12 months, surpassing the expected results and contributing to increase the visibility, access and use of CONASS technical, scientific and dissemination publications in the context of the Virtual Health Library.

Ministry of Health and BIREME formalize project to strengthen the Leprosy VHL

BIREME and the General Coordination of Disease Elimination Surveillance of the Department of Diseases in Chronic Conditions and Sexually Transmitted Infections of the Health Surveillance Secretariat of the Ministry of Health of Brazil (CGDE/DCCI/SVS/MS) signed a technical cooperation project to strengthen the Leprosy VHL within the scope of the TC71 Cooperation Term – Malaria, Leprosy and other Diseases in Elimination, which aims at restructuring the technological platform, expand its collaboration network by promoting the use of the best information to support health and decision-making, besides promoting the regular functioning of the VHL and its information sources.

The EIH Department’s contribution to global knowledge management

The PAHO/WHO Department of Evidence and Intelligence for Action in Health (EIH) uses information and knowledge generated in LA&C and globally to build innovative products and services that aim at supporting evidence-based policies and sound decisions on public health at regional and global level. The series of webinars called ‘EIH Space’ recently brought up the theme ‘Role of EIH in global knowledge management’, which focused on the Global Index Medicus, a WHO initiative supported by BIREME that brings together in a single platform the world literature in biomedicine and public health produced by low- and middle-income countries. Its main objective is to increase the visibility and use of this important set of resources.