Ad Hoc on-line session for members of the VIII Session of BIREME Advisory Committee

In order to maintain effective communication with the members of the Advisory Committee (AC) and share partial information on the progress made on the recommendations from its members at the VIII Session held in October 2019, BIREME organized an Ad Hoc online Session of the AC on July 30, 2020. On the occasion, the implementation situation of the recommendations from the VIII Session and the challenges in the development of the 2020-2021 Biannual Work Plan during the COVID-19 global pandemic was presented, as well as obtaining recommendations to overcome them.

The importance of bibliographic control was the subject of the second VHL and BiblioSUS Networks Webinar

Continuing the series Strengthening Health Information Networks, the second webinar of the Virtual Health Library Network (VHL Network) and BiblioSUS Network was held on July 29, with the theme “The importance of bibliographic control in the health area: expanding visibility and access”, which was presented by three experienced information science professionals directly involved in the management of the VHL databases.

Window of Knowledge provides information on Nursing in the context of Covid-19

On July 28, in a virtual session for Latin America and the Caribbean, the Window of Knowledge Nursing-Covid-19 was launched. The innovative format platform gathers scientific articles, technical documents, online courses, self-learning material, multimedia content such as videos and podcasts, webinars, blogs and other information sources for health professionals, especially in the field of nursing, researchers, technicians, students of health courses and the general public about nursing care to patient with Covid-19, in addition to enabling interaction between professionals and researchers.

Contributions of the Traditional, Complementary and Integrative Medicines in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic

The Traditional, Complementary and Integrative Medicines Americas Network (TCIM Americas) and the Brazilian Academic Consortium for Integrative Health (CABSIn in its Portuguese acronym), in coordination with BIREME, have been developing different products that seek to show the contribution of the TCIM to the Covid-19 pandemic. One of these products is the Evidence Map, in which the identification, analysis and characterization of clinical studies on interventions based on TCIM to improve the immune response, mental health in conditions of work stress and social isolation, and clinical management of COVID-19.

Open Science earns space in scholarly communication events

Open science can be defined as a comprehensive concept that encompasses several movements that seek to open up the entire research cycle and was motivated by the need to share resources between disciplines and increase transparency in all its stages. In order to disseminate the fundamentals of open science and encourage the adoption of its practices by journal editors in Brazil and Latin America, BIREME’s Scientific Communication Coordinator recently participated in two virtual events in the area.