BIREME Bulletin n°5

BIREME held the VI Session of its Advisory Committee

The VI Session of the Advisory Committee (AC) of BIREME took place on February 2, 2017, following the inauguration of the Center new facilities. The main function of the AC, in accordance with the Statute of BIREME, in the context of its new institutional framework (CD49.R5), is to make recommendations to the Director of the Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization (PAHO/WHO) on the programmatic functions, based on the PAHO/WHO Strategic Plan, the Work Plan, and the recommendations of the members of the Scientific Committee.

The Statute provides that the AC shall be composed of two permanent members, namely Brazil, the host country, and PAHO/WHO, and five non-permanent members ca5selected and appointed by the PAHO/WHO Directing Council, among the Member States of the Organization. The AC, according to resolutions CD-53 R5 and CD-54 R5, is currently integrated by representatives of Brazil (permanent member), Argentina (2016-2018), Jamaica (2016-2018), Peru (2016-2018), Panama (2015-2017) and Trinidad and Tobago (2015-2017).

The program was characterized by discussions on three thematic axes: (1) History and Institutionality; (2) Financial Sustainability; and (3) Technical Cooperation, in addition to a session for the Selection and Appointment of Members of BIREME Scientific Committee. All participants contributed with strategic, technical and also political information, knowledge and recommendations. A final consensus report of all members and participants will be presented to the Director of PAHO/WHO within 30 days.

The VI Session of the AC was also attended by Dr. Francisco Becerra, Assistant Director of PAHO/WHO and also Acting Director of Knowledge Management, Bioethics and Research (KBR). The Director of BIREME, Dr. Diego González Machín, Secretary ex officio of the AC, led the session supported by managers and supervisors (access the agenda and participants of the meeting).

Declarations by AC Members

The Rapporteur of the Session expressed: “It was a great honor to participate as a Rapporteur of the Advisory Committee. In a cordial, professional and consensus climate, we were able toca7 discuss and elaborate recommendations on the themes proposed in the program, highlighting the importance of recognizing the work of BIREME, which has enabled many graduate and postgraduate students and health service teams, in which I include myself, to access free scientific articles in Spanish, especially those related to Public Health. The Committee members committed themselves to be ambassadors of BIREME in their own countries, collaborating with the dissemination of the Center’s activities and encouraging the active support of Member States to comply with the management and dissemination of knowledge to achieve universal health with quality and equity”, stated Dr. Kumiko Eiguchi, Assistant Secretary of Policies, Regulation and Surveillance of the Ministry of Health of Argentina.

According to Dr. Michele Roofe, Senior Medical Officer of the Ministry of Health of Jamaica, “The event was a beautiful and enlightening experience. There was such good sharing of knowledge and experience among participants. In particular, the level of openness, technical competence, commitment and passion of the BIREME team was refreshing and impressive. There is great potential for advancements based on the deliberations and the solid and innovative recommendations to the Director of PAHO. In addition, there is anticipation of a greater level of involvement of all the Member States of the Region in the use of the products and services of BIREME. I am quite excited about serving on the Advisory Committee over the next two to three years. Many, many thanks to the organizers for a fine job”.

Dr. Harry Smith, County Medical Officer of Health, Ministry of Health de Trinidad e Tobago, stated that “The BIREME team is very dedicated to providing medical literature to all. They work at all levels from the political to technical to make this possible”.

The inaugural session of the AC of BIREME occurred on August 31, 2010 at PAHO/WHO headquarters, in Washington D.C, USA, and the subsequent sessions were held annually at BIREME premises in SĂŁo Paulo, Brazil.


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