BIREME Bulletin n° 20

Open Spaces at BIREME/PAHO/WHO

Some features of the new facilities of the Latin American and Caribbean Center for Health Sciences Information (BIREME), which moved to a new address in SĂŁo Paulo, Brazil, in mid 2016, stand out:

  • Pioneering layout, resulting from the work and dedication of professionals involved in projecting the open spaces with different dimensions for each different team of personnel and for different needs, such as the direction, leadership, technical and administrative personnel, consultants and spaces for holding meetings;
  • Comfort in the infrastructure due to the general layout of the workspace, acoustic, visual and lighting conditions; and
  • Harmony, due to the integration of the workspace and, consequently, of the teams, facilitating internal communication, the development of projects, products and services, as well as the dynamics of the general activities carried out by the staff.

espacos_abertos1The new facilities are composed of approximately 400m² divided in open spaces that are occupied by individuals and fixed and temporary equipment, as well as restricted spaces for meetings. Internal and information technology infrastructures are also up-to-date, ensuring the quality of work carried out by the staff.

The local network was defined while the remodeling was still in project phase. All workers have high quality and readily available Internet access via fast link. A Wi-Fi network ensures that visitors and participants of technical cooperation meetings also have secure access to the Internet.

In order to enter the physical facilities of BIREME, in addition to the control already set up by the building, a second control was installed so as to contribute to patrimonial security.

espacos_abertos2It is important to emphasize that moving to BIREME’s new facilities have required previous internal efforts coordinated with PAHO/WHO Headquarters, such as the search for potential locations and cost estimation, as well as the analysis of the architectural project. The analysis was done in consensus, which impacted positively in the institutional strengthening of BIREME and in the quality of the lines of action, management and technical cooperation of the Center.

Access the video (narrated in Spanish) with testimonies and images of the BIREME team in their new facilities. The video was produced in collaboration with the Center’s internal staff.


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