BIREME Bulletin n° 34

The São Paulo State Health Secretariat and BIREME launch new information products

With the online and face-to-face participation of researchers, coordinators of the Technological Innovation Nuclei (NIT) and Health Technologies Evaluation Nuclei (NATS), librarians, guests and employees from universities, from the São Paulo Municipal Health Secretariat and companies from the health segment, among other participants, the São Paulo State Health Secretariat (SES-SP) and BIREME launched new information products, new portals and access interface to the Information and Knowledge Management Virtual Health Library (Biblioteca Virtual em Saúde Rede de Informação e ConhecimentoBVS RIC).

The event took place on July 3rd , in the premises of the São Paulo State Health Secretariat. At the opening conference were Dr. Sergio Muller, Coordinator of the Science, Technology and Strategic inputs in Health Coordination – CCTIES, Lilian Schiavon, one of the coordinators of BVS RIC and Dr. Diego González, Director of BIREME/PAHO/WHO.

Dr. González pointed out in his opening remarks that “SES-SP has pioneered the adoption of the VHL model on health information and knowledge management, networking with all its Research Institutes. It represents a successful case and a model for organization, for granting access and fomenting the use of information for work processes and  decision making, and should be reproduced in other states of Brazil, as well as in other countries of the Region”.

He went further saying “it is BIREME’s first experience, in Brazil, of developing infometric indicators and online visualization panels, supporting decision making in the Coordination of Science, Technology and Strategic Inputs.

bvs-ric_aDr. Muller emphasized the importance of the alliance between the State Health Secretariat and BIREME, a historical alliance that has been implemented through cooperation terms between both institutions. In fact, he reaffirmed that the renovation of a project, which aims to continue all the products that were being launched at the event and that will strengthen the health information and knowledge management in the state of São Paulo, is currently underway.

Renato Murasaki, Information Technologies Manager at BIREME, and Lilian Schiavon, from SES – São Paulo, were responsible for the presentation and launching of the new information products, consisting in a new access interface for BVS RIC, with a novel information architecture, a specific subportal for the NIT and for the NATS; a new platform for the Health Legislation database and a specific platform with infometric indicators which grants visibility to the scientific and technical output of the SES/SP researchers.

bvs-ric1Other resources that integrate the new BVS RIC interface were also presented, such as a link to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), users guide on search strategies, news, presentations and information on the collaborating institutions, among many others.

Finally, Renato Musrasaki presented the future perspectives in terms of the aforementioned accomplished work: (1) the improved operation of BVS RIC, NATS and NIT portals, including their governance and collaborative work with the Research Institutes, (2) the expansion of information sources from the platforms, and (3) the development of digital repositories with the Research Institutes.

The event was transmitted on YouTube and can be accessed on the news section[1] of BVS RIC.


Source material
Portal of the VHL Network of Information and Knowledge – SES SP


[1] Health Secretariat of the State of São Paulo. Virtual Health Library. Network of Information and Knowledge | BVS-RIC. News: VHL Network of Information and Knowledge of the Health Secreatriat of the State of São Paulo launches a new interface for Access, new products and new portals. Available at: (in Portuguese)

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