BIREME Bulletin n° 37

SDG/2030 Agenda at CBBD 2019: BIREME and CGDI/MS promote Brazil VHL

With the main theme of “Inequality and Democracy: what is the role of libraries?”, the XXVIII Congresso Brasileiro de Biblioteconomia e Documentação CBBD 2019, aimed to discuss the state of the art of Biblioteconomy and Information Science and to integrate professionals from Brazilian libraries of all types: school, public, community, university and specialized libraries.

The congress took place in VitĂłria, EspĂ­rito Santo, Brazil, from October 1-4, and focused on instigating and proposing new questions for information professionals, urging them to act more pro-actively in favor of the achievement of the Sustainable Development Objectives (SDG) of the 2030 Agenda. In other words, considering the work of Institutions (FEBAB) showing that libraries are important allies in this global goal for society.

The Latin American and Caribbean Center on Health Sciences Information (BIREME/PAHO/WHO), in collaboration with the General Coordination of Documentations and Information of the Executive Secretariat of the Brazilian Ministry of Health (CGDI/SAA/SE/MS), promoted the Virtual Health Library of Brazil (VHL Brazil) in a stand with a program of presentations on the initiatives, products and services developed within the framework of the technical cooperation between BIREME/PAHO/WHO and the CGDI/SAA/SE/MS that were congruent with the interests of participants at the event.

The exhibition fair took place from October 2 to 4, with seven daily presentations and an estimated public of 150 participants, who were informed on topics related to the VHL Brazil, LILACS, VHL MS, the BIBLIOSUS network, and also participated in a draw for ecobags representing the SDG, offered by the Ministry of Health.

The activities of the stand were held by BIREME librarians Joanita Barros and LaĂ­s Silva, by the coordination of the VHL MS, Shirley Rodrigues and Sandra Teixeira, as well as by the representative of the VHL Bioethics and Diplomacy in Health, Larissa Cedro.

cbbd_aAccording to Shirlei Rodrigues, “the dissemination of knowledge in health, in a space such as the CBBD is strategic to achieve the objectives of democratization of access to information, which translates into the fundamental right of citizens. In 2019, through meetings at the stand of the Ministry of Health/ BIREME, it was possible to expand alliances with information networks, which will culminate in a 5% increase in the number of cooperating institutions of the BiblioSUS Network

cbbd_cFor Dirce Missae Suzuki, Head of the Sector Library on Human Sciences of the Universidade Estadual de Londrina, “BIREME’s presence always brings benefits to the scientific community and with no doubt, also to the library. The presentation clarified many points and brought visibility for those who did not know the structure of the new website. As usual, the presentation was excellent and with the usual care from the BIREME family”. Dirce was one of the winners of the draw, receiving an ecobag that, according to her, “is beautiful and follows the SDG criteria for a sustainable world”.

Similarly, Joanita Barros and Laís Silva believe that it would be important to expand BIREME’s participation in events related to the field of information, in order to promote the work of the institution within the framework of its mission of democratizing access to information, evidence and knowledge, as well as facilitating contact and communication with the network of cooperating centers.

Poster presentation

In addition to the activities in the stand, BIREME/PAHO/WHO, together with ENSP/FIOCRUZ, had a poster approved for oral presentation at the CBBD, referring to the work of both institutions in restructuring the VHL Public Health Brazil. The work entitled “Restructuring the Virtual Health Library – Public Health Brazil (VHL-PH): adopted methodology and impacts observed”, written by librarians Simone Faury Dib, Gizele da Rocha Ribeiro and Tatiane Lira Freire Lopes, from ENSP/FIOCRUZ, and Joanita Aparecida de Barros and Juliana Lourenço Sousa, from BIREME/PAHO/WHO, was presented on October 04, at the Penedo B room, by Simone Faury Dib, and accompanied by Joanita Barros.


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