BIREME Bulletin n° 38

TC95 and technical cooperation between BIREME, CGDI/SM and PAHO/WHO Brazil

The General Coordination of Documentation and Information of the Ministry of Health (CGDI/MS) and the Pan-American Health Organization/World Health Organization of Brazil (PAHO/WHO Brazil) continue to act jointly in a technical cooperation initiative in the context of the Sixth Amendment of the 95th Technical Cooperation Agreement (TA6/TC95) in force until August 2021. The results achieved in the 2018-2019 biennium have been discussed and validated between the parties. A final meeting in 2019 is scheduled for mid-December 2019.

TA6/TC95 is oriented towards the Management Improvement of the Executive Secretariat of the Ministry of Health of Brazil, and has the participation of PAHO/WHO Brazil’s Technical Areas and BIREME/PAHO/WHO, which specifically cooperates with results related to management of scientific and technical information and communication in health, more specifically in the context of the information sources of the Virtual Health Library (VHL) and the network of national libraries that contribute to the VHL Brazil, thematic libraries, such as the VHL Primary Health Care (VHL PHC) and institutional libraries, such as the VHL of the Ministry of Health (VHL MS).

It also includes components that aim to broaden bibliographic control and improve the quality of the description of scientific and technical production in Brazil and expand the access and use of scientific knowledge within the Unified Health System (SUS) through knowledge translation products.

In short, the technical cooperation initiative aims to bring clinical practice closer to the knowledge and scientific evidence generated through academic research for the continuous improvement of health services and thus reduce the gap between knowledge and practice.

tc-95Agreements, arrangements and terms of cooperation are mechanisms through which the institutional relationship of the Latin American and Caribbean Center on Health Science Information (BIREME) and the Ministry of Health or any other national counterparts are formalized, as well as with the support of PAHO/WHO Brazil, and with the TC95 being one of the main sources of funding for BIREME’s biannual work plans, representing cooperation that has been taking place for almost twenty (20) years.

Due to their contribution to the strengthening of scientific and technical information networks, products, and services for the needs of Brazil and the countries of the Region, developments and results in the context of the TC95 have also been shared in BIREME’s Governance Committees, the Advisory Committee and the Scientific Committee. Both Committees are attended by representatives of Brazil, a permanent member country of the Committees.


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