BIREME Bulletin n° 39

Brazilian Network of Nursing VHL launches three new information services

The Virtual Health Library (VHL) Nursing Brazil convened its Advisory Committee on November 12, 2019, in the city of Manaus, AM, Brazil, for the 19th Regular Meeting on the occasion of the 71st Brazilian Nursing Conference, with three main objectives: pass the reports of the executive secretariat, evaluate and monitor the subprojects of the VHL-Nursing Brazil, and promote the launch of new information sources.

Representatives of each institution participating in the committee and responsible for subproject development could share the state of the art of each subproject and discuss strategies to follow through with the work done by the nursing network.

Participants of the 19th Meeting of the Advisory Board of VHL Nursing Brazil and BIREME’s online participation
Participants of the ninth Meeting of the Advisory Board of VHL Nursing Brazil and BIREME’s online participation

In addition to the participants present at the meeting, the BIREME team was able to participate in the entire meeting through video conference, as well as Professor Felipa Rafaela Amadigide, of the Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina.


One of the most anticipated points of the meeting was the launch of new information sources of VHL Nursing Brazil:

1. Search Strategies Collection at VHL-Nursing Brazil

Search strategies are developed by information professionals in cooperation with research area specialists, favoring the retrieval of specific and quality information to support public health or clinical decision-making. Search strategies are also fundamental for the development of priority health topics, since they are already a part of the evidence-based health decision-making process.
The collection of nursing search strategies was developed by BIREME in collaboration with professionals from the VHL-Nursing network specialized in the defined topics, and under the coordination of the Nursing School at the Federal University of Minas Gerais. They are available in the VHL search strategy repository and can be accessed by applying a filter on the subject Nursing and Care.

enferm3a2. Knowledge Showcase on Nursing History

The knowledge showcase on the history of Nursing is a space that portrays the evolution of the nursing profession around the world. It recovers the knowledge of Nursing and Health in the historical-social context and journey through photographs, videos, filmography, written documents, biographies, rare works, conferences, articles, and academic works. It is a living space with continuous content update.

The work was developed and led by the Anna Nery Nursing School at the Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro and BIREME. By the time of the release, it already had a collection of publications, more than 24 images, eighteen terms with their descriptions, three biographies of figures in Brazilian nursing, as well as information about research laboratories, museums and memory centers, among other selected information.

enferm4a3. Formative Second Opinion (FSO)- Nursing

The Formative Second Opinion (FSO) is an information source that presents as content the questions and answers, based on good evidence, related to the priority problems in Primary Health Care (PHC). In the FSO Nursing collection, the user delivers questions and answers related to the profession’s work.

The FSO originate in teleconsultations that deal with issues relevant to the Brazilian Unified Health System (SUS), with the possibility of answering questions and needs of health workers, aiming to expand their resolutive capacity in similar cases or situations. They are elaborated by Telehealth Centers, following a defined structure that organizes the content, undergo a review process by a professional with experience in primary health care, and are indexed and published in the VHL.

Coordinated by the Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina with the support of BIREME, at the time of release, 97 FSOs in the health field had already been evaluated and selected, and are already available for consultation in the thematic VHL, at this link

enferm5aAccording to Professor Francisco Lana, Coordinator of the VHLNursing Brazil and VHL International Nursing, “it was a matter of great pride during all these years the construction of this initiative”. He expressed his joy of having maintained a work group of high national and international credibility around such an important issue in the field of Nursing and that contributes to the qualification and protection of knowledge in the field of Latin American nursing. He expressed his satisfaction with the results achieved and hopes to achieve new sources and possibilities for the systematization and operationalization of nursing scientific and technical literature.

Besides Professor Francisco Lana, participated at the meeting opening Shirley Rodrígues, of the General Documentation and Information Coordination (CGDI) of the Ministry of Health of Brazil, and remotely, Dr. Diego González, Director of BIREME.

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