Boletim BIREME n° 46

TA6/TC95 results achieved by BIREME in the first semester of 2020

In a virtual session held on July 7, 2020, BIREME presented the main results achieved under the 6th Amendment to the Cooperation Term 95 (TA6/TC95), between the Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization for through its Office in Brazil (PAHO/WHO Brazil) and the Executive Secretariat of the Ministry of Health of Brazil (SE/MS).

TA6/TC95 aims at developing the activities of the Project “Improvement of Management of the Executive Secretariat of the Ministry of Health of Brazil – SE/MS” where BIREME is responsible for implementing two macro activities that comprise products and services to characterize its scope: A10: Promoting the use of Open Access information and technical and scientific evidence within the scope of SUS (Unified Health System); and A11: Strengthening the management and dissemination of the Virtual Health Library (VHL) in Brazil.

tc95-ta6In order to share and validate the results, the virtual meeting began with the welcoming words of the Director of BIREME, Diego González, who greeted the participants: Shirlei Rodrigues (Coordinator of Dissemination of Technical and Scientific Information in Health), Sandra Cristina Teixeira (Responsible for the Virtual Library of the Ministry of Health), Janine Giuberti Coutinho (Knowledge Management Unit of PAHO/WHO Brazil) and Paula R.C. Cerbino (Technical Administrator, PAHO/WHO Brazil) and BIREME employees. Then, Marcia Barretto, representing Silvia de Valentin (BIREME Administrator), presented a brief summary of the guiding elements of the meeting, which included the presentation of the Technical Managers and teams, which characterize the management of the TA6/TC95 in coordination with the PAHO/WHO Brazil: formalizations; dynamics and monitoring; reports; developments from October 2019; results (1st semester of 2020) and referrals.

Verônica Abdala, Manager of Production of Information Sources and Cooperative Information Services (PFI/SCI) and Renato Murasaki, Manager of Information Sources Administration and Information Methodologies and Technologies (AFI/MTI) supported by their teams, and the Coordinator of Scientific and Institutional Communication, Lilian Calò, reported the main results of the activities scheduled for the period, illustrating them with diagrams and page images of the portals that were recently updated and/or improved.

tc95-ta6bFollowing developments, the Director of BIREME highlighted the activities and subprojects for the development and strengthening of the SUS Library Network (BiblioSUS) and the Virtual Health Library (VHL) in Brazil.

facebook2All activities presented were well received by the CGDI/SAA/SE/MS team and will appear in the formal Technical Report that will be forwarded by PAHO/WHO Brazil to the Ministry of Health, compiling the results of all the Additive Terms that characterize the TC95, specifically 7 (seven).

A third block, consisting of activities and subprojects to be included in PTA 2020, should be presented at a future meeting to be scheduled in due course, with the General Documentation and Information Coordinator (CGDI).

The TC95 and the Amendments in which BIREME cooperated to the implementation (e.g., TA2 and TA6) are characterized as one of the main funding sources for BIREME’s Work Plans (BWP) and which contribute to the effective implementation of technical cooperation of BIREME in Brazil and the Region, through the VHL and its information sources, in favor of strengthening the Health Information Networks, VHL Brazil and BiblioSUS, with open access to information and scientific and technical evidence in health.

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