BIREME Bulletin n° 49

Portal LILACS 35 years: Solidarity is about sharing

The Latin American and Caribbean Health Sciences Literature (LILACS), in the framework of its 35th anniversary, launched on October 29 an Internet Portal that will remain active and updated until October 2021, with the contribution of its cooperation network.

This Portal reflects LILACS’ uninterrupted work in providing visibility to the scientific output of Latin America and the Caribbean, through its strategy of working as a network and with the motto Solidarity is about sharing, which is expressed in the logo designed for this celebration.

The Portal is the LILACS 35-year-old hot site, developed by the Latin American and Caribbean Center for Health Sciences Information, BIREME, and is a space to record important and significant moments of LILACS’ history, to recognize all those who contributed to maintenance and sustainability, besides being the platform on which collaborators can express their results and the challenges to maintain it.

site_enLILACS 35 years’ Portal

In this space on the Internet, stand out:

Celebratory stamp that reflects 35 years dedicated to solidarity in sharing information, through working as a network.

Program for the October 29th celebration event, where presentations and a link to the recording of the event are available.

Testimonials – Congratulations and statements sent by PAHO/WHO Headquarters and Country Offices staff, former Directors of BIREME, Coordinators and members of the LILACS networks in the countries and people who are part of history or who contributed to the development of the database. It is an open space that will continue to receive contributions. Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of this celebration.

testimonios_enGallery of historical photos, local capacity building activities, meetings, etc.

Scientific output on LILACS, methodological developments, technical documents, guides and manuals, studies carried out using LILACS as a source of analysis which generated journal articles, dissertations and theses, and historical documents.

Infometrics, which currently displays the countries’ contribution statistics, and which will soon show other indicators.

Timeline, important and significant moments of LILACS from its inception to the present time.

Stay informed, a space for updates that includes news, events, meetings held at BIREME and/or in countries related to the celebration of LILACS’ 35 years.

Characters, a space to recognize all those who have contributed in some way to LILACS from its beginning to current days, the countries’ teams and from BIREME.

Institutions, a list of all cooperating centers that have maintained this important tool since 1982 until today.

The LILACS 35 years Portal was a collective construction, made by many hands that answered the call to rescue LILACS’ history.

In fact, LILACS is from everyone for everyone. Your contribution is very important.

Help us to keep LILACS’ history alive!

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