BIREME Bulletin n° 67

World Health Day 2022: Our Planet, Our Health

The theme is a call from PAHO/WHO for a green and sustainable recovery from the pandemic of COVID-19, which puts the health of people and the planet at the center of actions and encourages a movement to create societies focused on well-being. This year’s theme should also serve as a powerful reminder to all that solving many of these issues is beyond the sole purview of the health sector and require an effective response from governments and whole-of-society approaches.

The date was marked by a PAHO/WHO webinar featuring PAHO Director Dr. Carissa Etienne, Ministers of Health from Honduras, Argentina, and Jamaica, as well as the Director of the United Nations Environment Programme for Latin America and the Caribbean, and PAHO/WHO Deputy Director Dr. Jarbas Barbosa. The recording of the webinar is available.

At the event, Dr. Etienne, mentioned the triple planetary crisis – climate change, biodiversity loss and pollution – that affects the health of all people and our planet. “These effects are amplified by deficiencies in infrastructure and health systems to prevent disease and respond effectively to crises, disasters and emergencies.” The Director also stressed that “the theme of World Health Day – Our Planet, Our Health – is a call for a green and healthy recovery from the pandemic of COVID-19, which puts the health of people and planet at the center of actions and fosters a movement to create societies focused on well-being.”

PAHO/WHO Assistant Director Dr Jarbas Barbosa said, “The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and PAHO, work to provide enhanced technical support to member states regarding air quality, sanitation, hygiene, chemical waste management, climate change, energy risk reduction, and ecosystem assessment. Together we are stronger and can move faster and go further.”

Window of Knowledge

To provide scientific and technical information on health and environment, BIREME has produced a Window of Knowledge on World Health Day. The page contains links to publications such as the Agenda for the Americas on Health, Environment, and Climate Change; WHO Global Guidelines on Air Quality; Environmental and Social Determinants of Health, and other themes related to health and environment. As in other Knowledge Showcases produced by BIREME, the selection of documents in the information sources of the Virtual Health Library is one of its strengths.

Links of interest

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