BIREME Bulletin n° 73

BIREME supports ‘Nanoarte’ exhibition at the Ministry of Health’s Cultural Center

The exhibition “Nanoarte”, which brings together more than 70 works produced from the capture of images of materials on a nanometric scale, in addition to an interactive panel available for visitors, made possible with the support of BIREME/PAHO/WHO, was inaugurated on September 19th at the Ministry of Health’s Cultural Center in Brasília.

It should be noted that on November 19th, during a visit to the General Coordination of Documentation and Information of the Secretariat for Administrative Affairs of the Executive Secretariat of the Ministry of Health (CGDI/SAA/SE/MS), for a meeting with Undersecretary Romeu Mendes do Carmo and Coordinator Shirlei Rodrigues, the Director of EIH, Sebastián Garcia Saiso and the Director of BIREME/PAHO/WHO, João Paulo Souza, also visited the exhibition, which was guided by Monika Quiroga, historian of CGDI/SAA/SE/MS. These actions are in the context of technical cooperation between BIREME and the Ministry of Health, through the CGDI.

Nanoart is a recent artistic expression. During the process of digital colorization of the images captured by powerful microscopes, varied figures, some similar to everyday objects, appear. This is how artists and researchers transform the faces invisible to the naked eye of countless materials into art.

The exhibition will be open through November 25th to anyone interested in discovering what nanoart is and how to create it, as well as learning about the history of nanotechnology. It also stimulates the understanding of nanotechnology, leading the public to seek knowledge in the related areas of physics, chemistry, engineering, and medicine. The exhibition aims to reach employees and collaborators from various sectors of the Ministry, in addition to visitors, and can be visited free of charge in the connecting tunnel between the Headquarters and Annex buildings of the Ministry of Health, located on Esplanada dos Ministérios, in Brasília.

The partnerships consolidated for the show include the Centro de Desenvolvimento de Materiais Funcionais da Universidade Federal de São Carlos (Center for the Development of Functional Materials at the Federal University of São Carlos) and the Laboratório de Nanomedicina e Nanotoxicidade do Instituto de Física de São Carlos da Universidade de São Paulo (Laboratory of Nanomedicine and Nanotoxicity of the Institute of Physics of São Carlos at the University of São Paulo), in addition to the Instituto Nacional do Câncer (National Cancer Institute) and the Ministério de Ciência, Tecnologia e Inovação (Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation).

BIREME’s support for the exhibition aimed to allow the realization of the exhibition of an artistic, educational, and informative nature and is linked to the 6th Addendum to Cooperation Term 95 (TA6/TC95), between PAHO/WHO and the General Coordination of Documentation and Information of the Secretariat of Administrative Affairs, Executive Secretariat of the Ministry of Health (CGDI/SAA/SE).

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