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Kidney Health for All is the theme of World Kidney Day 2023

World Kidney Day, a joint initiative of the International Society of Nephrology and the International Federation of Kidney Foundations, is a global campaign that aims to raise awareness of the importance of our kidneys to overall health and to reduce the frequency and impact of kidney failure. kidney disease and its associated health problems.

Every year, hundreds of organizations and individuals launch World Kidney Day initiatives and events to help raise awareness of kidney disease.

  • The significant impact of disastrous events, whether local (earthquakes, floods, wars, extreme weather conditions) or global (COVID-19 pandemic) affect the functioning and living conditions of the entire community.
  • Disastrous events cause one or more of the following consequences: human, material, economic and environmental losses, and impacts.
  • Those affected by chronic diseases, of which more than 850 million people worldwide have kidney disease. These are especially affected, since the ability to access diagnostic services, treatment and adequate care is highly compromised.

World Kidney Day returns every year. Around the world, hundreds of events take place, from public exhibitions in Argentina to Zumba marathons in Malaysia. Awareness of preventive behaviors, risk factors and living with kidney disease.

What can you do for your kidneys? Eight Golden Rules:

  1. Stay fit and active;
  2. Maintain regular control of blood glucose levels;
  3. Monitor your blood pressure;
  4. Eat healthy and keep your weight under control;
  5. Maintain a healthy fluid intake;
  6. Do not smoke;
  7. Do not self-medicate;
  8. Check your kidney function if you have one or more high risk factors.

BIREME, in its mission to provide access to scientific and technical health information, provides information on hypertension – which is closely linked to chronic kidney disease – in the Window of Knowledge Hypertension.

The Pan American Journal of Public Health (RPSP) is an important vehicle for disseminating scientific public health information relevant to the Region of the Americas. The journal aims to strengthen national and local health systems and bridge the gap between health care and policy makers, improving the health of the people of the Americas.

Regarding the World Kidney Day, the RPSP Editor recommends the following selection of published articles with links to the full texts.

Links of interest

World Kidney Day 2023.

World Kidney Day video “Eight Golden Rules”

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