BIREME Bulletin n¬į 84

VHL Network renews commitment to Information for Action in Health

Between November 13 and 16, in S√£o Paulo, Brasil, coordinators and focal points from the VHL Network (Virtual Health Library) gathered for a series of three technical meetings and a workshop. The events, which marked the 25 years of the VHL, had 80 participants from 21 countries in the region and were coordinated by BIREME with the support of PAHO’s workshops in the countries.

The activities began with the “Renewal of the VHL Model” workshop on the 13th and 14th, with the aim of aligning VHL with the new “BIREME 2023-2025 Strategy – Information for Health Action.” Then, on the 15th and 16th, a specific program was conducted with the groups coordinating the strategic planning of VHL Traditional, Complementary, and Integrative Medicines (TCIM) Americas, and the plan for the development of VHL Caribbean and the incorporation of technological innovations and digital solutions with the support of Infomed from Cuba.

In the same week, also in S√£o Paulo, the international seminar “Relacsis 4.0 – Information Systems and Digital Health in the Americas” took place, organized by the Department of Evidence and Intelligence for Health Action (EIH) of PAHO and the Inter-American Development Bank. The director of EIH, Sebasti√°n Garc√≠a Sais√≥, also participated in specific work activities of the VHL Network and in meetings with the director of BIREME, Jo√£o Paulo Souza.

The Director of BIREME also participated in technical meetings with the Ministry of Health of Brazil, with the General Coordination of Documentation and Information of the Undersecretariat of Administrative Affairs, Executive Secretariat. And with the Latin American Center of Perinatology, Women’s Health, and Reproductive Health (CLAP), with the presence of Director Suzanne Serruya.

For Jo√£o Paulo Souza, Director of BIREME, the synchrony between BIREME and PAHO events in S√£o Paulo in terms of agenda and emphasis on digital transformation are demonstrations of the regional commitment and leadership of the organization in advancing and consolidating telehealth and information for health action at the forefront of emerging technologies.

Recommendations to support the strengthening of VHL

In the workshop for the renewal of the VHL model, work was developed by groups on the following topics: essential functions of VHL, bibliographic control, governance, and user needs. As a result, a series of recommendations were generated for application in the instances and in the VHL model, which will also be used to provide feedback for the BIREME Biennial Work Plan for 2024-2025.

Video testimonials: VHL Network members highlight local relevance

Throughout the four days of the event, participants were invited by the BIREME team to record personal testimonials about the relevance of VHL in their local contexts. These stories reflect the strong bond between institutions, users, and members, coordinators, and focal points of VHL in the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean, demonstrating the high level of trust that VHL enjoys in the Region. Recorded in video, 18 testimonials can already be viewed on the social network Instagram @redevhl. Please visit and sign up to stay tuned with BIREME’s updates.

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