World Mental Health Day 2022 focuses on the effects of COVID-19

World Mental Health Day 2022 focuses on the effects of the pandemic on the mental health of populations around the world, an unprecedented event in recent history that, in addition to causing serious damage to physical health, impacted with equal – or greater – seriousness the mental health of people of all ages. PAHO has established the High-Level Commission on Mental Health and COVID-19 to support the Organization and its Member States in improving and strengthening mental health in the Americas, both during the pandemic and in the future.

BIREME and WHO mobilize efforts to innovate WHO COVID-19 Database

The WHO – COVID-19 Research Database, which is supported by BIREME/PAHO/WHO, plays a key role in facilitating and democratizing the access and use of international scientific literature on COVID-19 and SARS-CoV-2. Currently, activities are under way to improve and expand the sources of information in this important database. In addition, it is intended to provide greater robustness and flexibility to Information Architecture and data-based intelligence, in addition to intensifying the use of tools to promote knowledge, through Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

WHO COVID-19 Research Database receives Choice award from American Library Association

The American Library Association awarded the prestigious “Choice” award to the World Health Organization (WHO) Research Database on COVID-19 (WHO COVID-19 Research Database) “in recognition of value, quality, and scope that would not have been possible without the tireless dedication and determination of those involved”. BIREME/PAHO/WHO has made a key contribution to the development of the global database of scientific literature on COVID-19, which uses the same platform developed by the Center for the Global Index Medicus.

Natural History of Covid-19 Window of Knowledge Launched

The Natural History of Covid-19 Window of Knowledge was launched amid the event celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Virtual Health Library of Brazil’s Ministry of Health’s. The Window was created out of the need to understand Covid-19’s natural history, as an important prerequisite for the planning of new studies, being a product of the technical cooperation between BIREME and the Secretariat of Science, Technology, Innovation, and Strategic Health Inputs of the Ministry of Health of Brazil (SCTIE/MS), through of the Department of Science and Technology (DECIT).

DeCS/MeSH 2021 edition has been published, highlighting terms related to COVID-19

Available in a beta version, the 2021 edition of the DeCS/MeSH vocabulary is expected to be released next July. The main new features are related to the addition of 287 new descriptors to this vocabulary. The Supplementary Concept Records (SCR) terms that reach a certain number of citations are promoted to descriptors in MeSH. This happened in 2021 with several of the terms related to the COVID-19 disease. Learn about the structured and multilingual vocabulary that will be 35 years old 2021.

LEGISALUD: new version of an open access platform to health and Covid-19 legislation of Argentina has been launched

In May 2021, the new version of the LEGISALUD platform of the Argentine Republic was officially launched, a database that stores legislative information specialized in health in general, and Covid-19 in particular, at the initiative of the Ministry of Health of the Nation, with the institutional support of PAHO/WHO and with the technological support of BIREME/PAHO/WHO, based on the Virtual Health Library methodology.

Women’s Health in times of COVID-19 is the theme of the fifth edition of CIAPS

The 5th International Congress on Primary Health Care (V CIAPS), organized by the Universidade Federal de PiauĂ­ and the Center for Studies, Research and Extension in Continuing Education for SUS (NUEPES), was inaugurated with the Conference “Maternal care in times of COVID-19” taught by Bremen de Mucio, specialist in Gynecology and Obstetrics and Health Services Management of the PAHO/WHO Latin American Center for Perinatology, Women’s and Reproductive Health (CLAP/WR), moderated by the director of BIREME, Diego González.

Contribution of BIREME to fight infodemia in times of COVID-19

BIREME, as a PAHO/WHO specialized center, part of the Department of Evidence and Intelligence for Action in Health (EIH), has played an important role since the beginning of the pandemic, along with the Organization’s efforts, to make available to health professionals and society with a series of products and services with reliable information about COVID-19. Learn more about these resources.

Advances in COVID-19 operation and search interface of the Global Index Medicus

BIREME has participated in the annual meeting of the Global Libraries Group of the World Health Organization (WHO), held in November, presenting this year’s advances in the operation of the WHO Global Index Medicus (GIM) and the search interface of the global literature on COVID -19. GIM offers exclusive access to health evidence and information produced in low- and middle-income countries, whose main objective is to increase access, visibility, use and impact of health information published in these countries and regions.

Training activities to the LILACS Network during COVID-19

From March to July 2020, besides the coordination meetings of the LILACS network, technical notes and calls to the network for cooperation with publications on COVID-19, meetings and training took place in virtual mode on the network. 23 virtual sessions were held on editorial processes of LILACS journals (5); on indexing of documents according to the LILACS Methodology (5); and on VHL information sources (7) for the Latin American network and 6 for the Brazilian network.