Advisory Committee holds XII Session to evaluate BIREME’s Strategy 2023-2025

Session took place on 23 August and was attended by members representing five Latin American and Caribbean countries: Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Guatemala and Trinidad and Tobago. The meeting’s agenda focused on the presentation of BIREME’s new institutional strategy for members’ approval and recommendations. Check out the details in the article.

With BIREME and PAHO, WHO’s First Global Summit on Traditional Medicine highlights scientific evidence and integration into health systems

Held in India on August 17 and 18, the event brought together policymakers, researchers, healthcare providers and civil society to discuss strengthening the evidence base for traditional medicines. The aim is to encourage the integration of proven beneficial interventions into health systems, allowing countries to implement quality control and monitoring policies for T&CM practices, professionals and products. Check out BIREME’s participation in cooperation with PAHO.

BIREME’s Biannual Work Plan: Key results from the first semester of 2023

In 2023, BIREME starts the second year of the 2022-2023 Biannual Work Plan. Check out the progress recorded in projects, products and services, with results that highlight institutional strengthening and continued support for the countries in the Region, by expanding and strengthening access to information and scientific evidence for decision-making in health.

VHL Nursing Network advances with innovation projects

The 22nd Ordinary Meeting of the VHL Nursing Brazil Advisory Committee was held in July in Curitiba, as a preliminary activity to the 22nd National Nursing Research Seminar. BIREME participated with presentations on the use of scientific evidence in health actions and recommendations of best practices in Open Science. Focusing on the theme “Nursing Research in dialogue with global dynamics”, the program addressed strategies for implementing projects for innovation and digital transformation in the nursing information sector.

LILACS 2023 training sessions promotes quality of scientific information in Latin America and the Caribbean

In the ongoing quest to improve editorial practices and the quality of scientific journals in Latin America and the Caribbean, the LILACS sessions are aimed for members of editorial teams of Latin American scientific journals in Health Sciences that are already indexed in LILACS, that intend to be indexed in the database or that are in the process of being created. Check out the details of the training sessions held in the first semester of 2023.

In São Paulo, and at BIREME, PAHO Director strengthens institutional relations

Strategies to strengthen the sector and prioritize applications in digital health and industry 4.0 were highlighted in the agenda of the Director of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO/WHO), Dr. Jarbas Barbosa, in São Paulo. Visit happened between July 10 and 12, 2023; check out the highlights of the agenda in the article.

The TCIM of the Americas and the TCIM VHL at the First WHO Summit

In preparation for the first World Health Organization Global Summit on Traditional Medicine, to be held in India in August, PAHO hosts this week in Rio de Janeiro the Global Seminar on Biodiversity, Traditional Knowledge, Health and Well-being. Check out BIREME’s participation, and the contribution of its information products and services to the field of traditional, complementary and integrative medicines in the Americas.

BIREME and VHL were featured at ACURIL 2023 conference

Hosted in June, in Jamaica, the Annual Conference of the Association of University, Research and Institutional Libraries of the Caribbean was attended by BIREME with a focus on sustainability and innovation in libraries, museums and archives.

The reactivation of the RIPSA Project

In partnership with PAHO and BIREME, the RIPSA Project is reactivated by the Ministry of Health to produce and make available health information to support the formulation, management and evaluation of public policies. New phase includes updates and product launches, including new platform for Indicator Qualification Sheets. The objective is to facilitate access to relevant information and support decisions by managers.