XI Session of the BIREME Advisory Committee takes place

The purpose of the XI Session of the BIREME/PAHO/WHO Advisory Committee, held virtually on February 8, 2023, was to report to the Committee members on the progress of the management and technical cooperation program of the Center. The meeting was attended by appointed members from Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, and Guatemala, in addition to PAHO/WHO, which is also one of the Committee’s permanent members. Learn about the main recommendations agreed upon at the meeting.

BIREME continues cooperating with HSS/PAHO/WHO projects

In February 2023, Carla Saenz (PAHO/WHO Regional Advisor on Bioethics) visited BIREME and met with the Director of the Center, Jo√£o Paulo Souza, to discuss collaboration opportunities in three main topics: (1) Development of a research project on “How to communicate the notion of risk to the lay population?”; (2) Mapping health knowledge gaps project; and (3) Health implementation research. These themes are part of a new BIREME Cooperation Strategy 2023-2025, under development, considering the successful mutual cooperation in the context of the ProEthos platform (HSS/PAHO/WHO).

Course on Access and Use of Scientific Health Information is revised and updated

The Course on Access and Use of Scientific Information in Health was published in 2017 in its first version, having certified more than 20 thousand participants by 2022. BIREME has just revised and launched a new version in Portuguese, Spanish, English, and French, directed to professionals, researchers, managers, and students who search for information and scientific evidence in the main sources of information in the Virtual Health Library and aims to develop technical skills to carry out efficiently a search for scientific and technical information.

DeCS Homeopathy category is updated

Due to the dynamics of knowledge production, the revision of thematic categories of the DeCS thesaurus is a continuous need in the context of terminological updating. The category Homeopathy was launched in the 1990 edition of DeCS, in collaboration with experts from the Associação Paulista de Homeopatia. The last revision of the category Homeopathy was more than 10 years ago. For this reason, since October 2022, BIREME has been making technical adjustments to these descriptors, supported by experts.

Events in Brasilia, D.F.: technical cooperation and institutional strengthening

In coordination with PAHO/WHO Brazil, BIREME was present in activities and events in Brasilia, D.F., aiming to strengthen its technical cooperation program and institutionality in Brazil. We highlight the meetings of Director Jo√£o Paulo Souza at the Ministry of Health and PAHO Brazil, and the participation of Administrator Silvia de Valentin in a workshop on Prevention and Response to Sexual Exploitation, Abuse and Harassment promoted by the Ethics area of the Organization.

World Cancer Day 2023 advocates: Close the care gaps

World Cancer Day 2023, celebrated on February 4th, advocates “Close the care gaps” and the call to unite our voices and take action. PAHO/WHO joins this campaign to call everyone, collectively and individually, to commit to strengthen actions aimed to improve access to quality care, including screening, early detection, treatment, and palliative care. BIREME, in its mission to provide access to scientific and technical health information, makes cancer information available in the Virtual Health Library Cancer Prevention and Control and through other search tools.