DeCS/MeSH 2021 edition has been published, highlighting terms related to COVID-19

Available in a beta version, the 2021 edition of the DeCS/MeSH vocabulary is expected to be released next July. The main new features are related to the addition of 287 new descriptors to this vocabulary. The Supplementary Concept Records (SCR) terms that reach a certain number of citations are promoted to descriptors in MeSH. This happened in 2021 with several of the terms related to the COVID-19 disease. Learn about the structured and multilingual vocabulary that will be 35 years old 2021.

VHL Maturity Instrument: a tool at the service of the continuous improvement of VHL instances

The Virtual Health Library (VHL) represents an information and knowledge management model for the Latin American and Caribbean Network on Health Sciences Information. Its evolution is constant, and conceptually and technologically always aligned and based on collaborative work and networking. A new VHL maturity assessment instrument is presented, to assess VHL Network instances in the adoption of methodologies, technologies, and good practices based on a self-assessment process.

Project management at BIREME and effective communication with counterparts

For project management, BIREME/PAHO/WHO has perfected an efficient methodology and system of controls that allow for the monitoring of the development status of these projects, the use of allocated resources, the presentation of results reports, and effective communication between the Center’s teams and the counterparts involved to ensure the achievement of the results agreed upon between the parties.

5th LatinREV: BIREME integrates panel on innovations and trends in academic publishing management in Latin America

BIREME was present at the 5th edition of LatinREV: Innovations and trends in academic editorial management: reports from Latin America, on July 1st. Organized by the Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales Sede Argentina (FLACSO), the meeting included experts from the Region in a program designed to present and discuss solutions using new information and communication technologies and trends in scientific publication.

First CINPSUS: BIREME reaffirms its strategic mission at an international event on public health policies

The 1st Interdisciplinary International Congress on Public Health Policies: in search of full citizenship through universal health (CINPSUS) had as its central objective the creation of a space for reflection, discussion, exchange, and construction of technical-scientific knowledge through the sharing of research, experiences, and proposals for the strengthening of social justice. The opening table was attended by the Director of BIREME, Diego González – who at the time also spoke on behalf of Socorro Gross, PAHO/WHO representative in Brazil.

CNS, PAHO Brazil, and BIREME: together, working to give visibility to information on social control

The National Health Council (CNS) and PAHO/WHO Brazil, through BIREME, are working on a project within the framework of the eighth Term of Adjustment to the Cooperation Term 68 (TC68/TA8), which aims to increase visibility, access, and use of technical, scientific, and dissemination publications of the CNS in Brazil and other countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. Partial results of this project were presented at a recent meeting with members of the CNS Technical Chamber.