BIREME Bulletin n° 54

TA2/TC93: PAHO and MoH in promoting scientific knowledge in health and its dissemination

Representatives of the Brazilian Ministry of Health (MoH) and the Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization (PAHO/WHO) met on March 16 to align and monitor actions related to Term of Cooperation 93 (TC93), which is formalized between the Ministry of Health and PAHO Brazil for the development of actions related to the improvement of the Latin American and Caribbean Center on Health Sciences Information (BIREME). The second term of adjustment (TA2) of the TC93 includes elements such as the promotion of scientific research and the dissemination of technological knowledge in health.

The initiative has demanded close communication and exchange between the focal points of the Primary Health Care Secretariat (SAPS, in the Portuguese acronym) and BIREME’s management, administration and project teams. It is thus possible to expect actions aligned with the objectives and results agreed between the parties and that cooperate with the strategies and priorities in health information management of both institutions.

At the meeting, the teams involved were able to discuss and deliberate on the technical, communication and management aspects for a better affinity of performance and fulfillment of the expected results. There were also presentations about the progress achieved and elements that allow the monitoring, monitoring and dissemination of products and services, such as the e-BlueInfo app, which had its second version released on March 30.

tc93According to the Director of BIREME, Diego González, “this joint work with SAPS/MoH under TA2/TC93 means a contribution of the Brazilian Ministry of Health to the strengthening of BIREME as a specialized center of PAHO/WHO in its work in Latin America and the Caribbean, which, along many other elements included in the TC, will ensure the development and improvement of products and services for professionals and technicians in Primary Health Care”.

Renata Maria, director of the Department of Family Health of the Ministry of Health, agrees. “The promotion of scientific productions, with proper dissemination and sharing of their results, help to qualify the service that is offered by primary care workers to the entire Brazilian population.”

About the TA2/TC93

The TA2/TC93, formalized in November 2020, is oriented to information and knowledge management in national health policies, plans and strategies, which will contribute to the fulfillment of the 2030 Agenda and Universal Access to Health and Universal Health Coverage by strengthening the Primary Health Care (PHC) model and the Family Health Strategy.

For its development, a logical matrix composed of four Expected Results (RE) was elaborated, with an agreement between SAPS/MoH and BIREME in coordination with PAHO/WHO Brazil, and each RE is attached to Activities, Goals and Indicators that allow the partner to measure the goals achieved:


  1. Development of information products and services to strengthen the PHC model, the Family Health Strategy, and the prevention actions and management of infectious and chronic diseases;
  2. Validation of the exchange of experiences in Information and Knowledge Management in health, through national and international cooperation to increase the production, visibility, access and use of scientific knowledge in Latin America and the Caribbean;
  3. Application of information and knowledge management at different levels of the health system, through the development of studies, research, creation of research lines, production and dissemination of knowledge in digital health and telehealth in the Unified Health System (SUS); and
  4. Provision of strengthened health systems and services to support processes of information management and knowledge in health, also aiming for the democratization of access and use of scientific evidence.



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