BIREME Bulletin n° 55

Enriching the VHL publications with the Dimensions Badge service

Since the beginning of April, it is now possible to view citation data for an indexed document in the bibliographic information sources of the Virtual Health Library (VHL) through the Dimensions Badges service. VHL users can easily see how many citations a given publication has received, as well as explore the citation data using the free Dimensions platform itself.

How does it work? How can I see the citations for a given publication?

Dimensions has more than 117 million publications, from more than 86 thousand journals, including 49 preprint servers and 1 million books. There are more than 1.4 billion citations that allow for the creation of this type of service[1].

Through the Dimensions Badge[2] web service, it is possible to obtain citation data from publications that have an associated digital object identifier (DOI), or a PubMed identifier (PMID).

When browsing the VHL and viewing a bibliographic reference of a publication that has been cited by other publications identified by this service, an identification label (“badge”) called “Citations” will be displayed, as shown in the image below (bottom right):dimensions1_en

The bibliographic record of the publication on display has 5 citations, according to the Dimensions service. By hovering your mouse over the Citations tag, you can see other details, as seen in the next image.

dimensions2_enTo see details of the citations, simply click on the Citations tag and the following screen will be displayed:

dimensions3The free Dimensions platform allows you to view the publications that made the citations, data from the Altmetric service that indicate sharing on social networks and bibliographic reference management systems, among other information.

According to Renato Murasaki, Manager of Methodologies and Information Technologies at BIREME, “offering citation data, through the Dimensions service, is another added value that BIREME/PAHO/WHO makes available to VHL users, expanding the possibilities for analyzing the scientific communication and access to health information and evidence.”


[1] The world’s largest linked research information dataset. Dimensions. Available at Accessed: 28 de abril de 2021.

[2] Dimensions Badge. Dimensions. Available at Accessed: 28 de abril de 2021.

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