March anniversaries: 51 years of BIREME and 20 of the VHL

Two institutional celebrations occurred this March: on the 3rd, BIREME completed 51 years and on the 27th, the Virtual Health Library (VHL), the Center’s main technical cooperation strategy, celebrated its 20th anniversary. In order to support the health priorities of the Region, BIREME, alongside a network of national institutions, develops health information products and services such as the VHL, LILACS and DeCS. In 2018, the Traditional, Complementary and Integrative Medicine VHL (TCIM VHL) was launched in the presence of the PAHO/WHO Director in an international event that took place in Rio de Janeiro.

Traditional, Complementary and Integrative Medicine for the Americas VHL is launched in event with the presence of PAHO/WHO Director

The Virtual Health Library on Traditional, Complementary and Integrative Medicine for the Americas (TCIM VHL) was launched on March 12 by the Director of PAHO/WHO and the Director of BIREME/PAHO/WHO, within the framework of the 1º Congreso Internacional de Prácticas Integrativas y Salud Pública (1st International Congress on Integrative Practices and Public Health), which took place in Rio de Janeiro and was organized by the Ministry of Health of Brazil. It is an important tool for empowering professionals who work on the policies, management, instruction and regulation of integrative health practices.


WHO Director-General holds official visit to Brazil

The Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO), Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, held his first official visit to Brazil on March 21 and 22, 2018. Dr. Tedros attended several meetings with national authorities in Brasilia and gained a deeper understanding of the Sistema Único de Saúde (SUS – Unified Health System). During his visit to PAHO Brazil, Dr. Tedros restated the importance of universal health coverage not only for people to have access to their basic right to health, but also as a means of promoting the development of countries.

Managers’ meeting for South American countries and sub-regions is held at PAHO Brazil

The main goal of the Managers’ meeting is to identify strategies for reinforcing PAHO’s position as the major public health agency and to optimize them on national and sub-regional levels in the Caribbean, Central America and South America. During the South American meeting, which took place on March 12th to 15th at the PAHO Office in Brazil, several topics were covered. Among these are the strategies for the elimination of infectious diseases, the promotion of health and the diffusion and implementation of the Sustainable Health Agenda for the Americas 2018-2030.

FELSOCEM members receive technical training in BIREME

Promoting the publication of scientific research results through the development of methodologies to train authors, editors and other actors in scientific communication in Latin America and the Caribbean is one of BIREME’s tasks, as established in its 2018-2019 Biennial Work Plan, under the Information and Knowledge Management initiative. It was with this purpose that medical students and young graduates associated to the Federación Latinoamericana de Sociedades Científicas de Estudiantes de Medicina (FELSOCEM – Latin-American Federation of Scientific Societies of Medical Students) visited BIREME from February 28th to March 2nd.

LILACS is presented at the XIII Jornada APDIS in Portugal

Open Science occupies a prominent place in the health information scenario. The opening of the scientific process has a direct impact on citizens and on society, strengthening new research lines and advances in the field of health. BIREME, in line with the development of digital culture, works on providing information to the network, aligned with the participation of a broad base of potential contributors. The Regional Congress on Health Science Information (CRICS), to be held SĂŁo Paulo, Brazil on December 4-6th, in its 10th edition, shall be a space for reflection and debate.