EVIPNet Americas Regional Meeting takes place in the WHO Global E2P Summit

The World Health Organization, in collaboration with the Pan American Health Organization, held an event on the use of evidence to formulate public health policies that took place from November 15 to 17. In the context of the program, the Regional Network EVIPNet Americas convened, which met to discuss and assess the challenges facing Latin America and the Caribbean.

Mozambique reaches historic number of records for the VHL

Between November 14th and 24th, the Instituto Nacional de SaĂșde, Coordinating Institution of the Mozambique Health Documentation Network (RDSM), held the Data Insertion and Validation Workshop on the Virtual Health Library (BVS) Mozambique platform. The objective of the workshop was, among others, to update the Mozambique VHL portal.

Window of Knowledge about the Commercial Dimension of the Social Determinants of Health is inaugurated

Bireme, in cooperation with the National Workshop of Social Determinants of Health, Equity and Health Promotion of the Technical Unit on Determinants of Health, Chronic Noncommunicable Diseases and Mental health of PAHO Brazil and a Working Group formed by more than 50 experts, which highlighted the general and transverse axes of the Commercial Dimension of Health subsidizing the thematic searches and the indication of reference documents indexed in the VHL databases, built a Window of Knowledge about the Commercial Dimension of the Social Determinants of Health.

Training on Access and use of health information for users of the Nicaragua VHL

Considering that the access and use of scientific evidence is essential to support decisions and interventions related to health, the workshop ‘Access and use of scientific information in health’ was held on November 16th for users of the Virtual Health Library (VHL) Nicaragua, organized by the PAHO/WHO Country Office in conjunction with the Universidad Nacional AutĂłnoma de Nicaragua, in cooperation with BIREME

World Days in November are highlighted by VHL Windows of Knowledge

Health dates highlighted in the month of November, that integrate the PAHO/WHO calendar, are World Diabetes Day and World Toilet Day. BIREME has developed Windows of Knowledge to support the provision of scientific and technical information, as well as information for the public in infographic and video formats. Learn more about these features.